REPORT: 76ers jealous of Sacramento Kings stability

nerlens-noel-pacersPhiladelphia, PA – After blowing a late fourth quarter loss to the Sacramento Kings, several members of the 76ers looked longingly towards the Kings bench and wondered what it would be like to be part of a stable franchise.

The Kings are currently nine games under .500.

“Look at them. One star center, a few complimentary pieces, it must be nice to play in Sacramento day in and day out,” Jahlil Okafor said of the Kings, who for the past month have publicly leaked reports about firing despised veteran head George Karl and have players openly rebel against the franchise.

Several media reports published in the past several days have noted Karl will likely be fired before or during the All-Star break and many have openly called into question the intelligence of franchise GM Vlade Divac.

“Must be nice to be the center of a franchise and not have to worry about another young guy taking time at your position,” Okafor said.

Okafor openly said he was jealous of franchise center DeMarcus Cousins, who since the beginning of the season has engaged in several high profile temper tantrums at Kings practices and has argued with Coach Karl during games a number of times.

“They just seem to have a great dynamic. Looks like heaven to play over there,” said TJ McConnell, knowing full well that Kings point guard Rajon Rondo told the media over the weekend that only three players came to a recent mandatory shoot around and who called out his teammates desire to win.

At press time, Robert Covington looked wistfully towards the Kings bench as Cousins had to be held back by several teammates to keep him from choking out coach Karl.


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