Friends, family of Dennis Rodman hoping Wing Bowl appearance serves as final wake-up call


Has he reached his lowest point?

Philadelphia, PA – Dennis Rodman, known partier, alcoholic, and friend of North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un, was confirmed today as a special guest for Wing Bowl 24 by WIP Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi.

Many close friends and family members of Rodman hope this will serve as a wake-up call for the Hall of Fame basketball player and show him how far he’s sunk.

Rodman, who has been through multiple rehabs, interventions, professional wrestling stints and sham marriages, may have hit rock bottom with his agreement to appear at the annual bacchanal event.

“It’s truly the bottom of the barrel for Dennis. Philadelphia? The Wing Bowl? Maybe when he gets come out the other side he’ll realize what he’s done he’ll finally get himself the help he deserves,” said Dr. Drew Pinsky, former host of Celebrity Rehab.

“It sickens me that he’s doing this to himself, but hopefully he’ll realize this is the lowest point of his life. I can’t imagine why he would ever agree to something like this.”

Cataldi defended the decision to bring “The Worm” to the Wing Bowl. He said the infamous Rodman will be a “classy addition” to the annual Philadelphia event.

“In all fairness, Dennis will most likely be one of the least inebriated guests we have at Wing Bowl,” Cataldi said.

“He’s already one of the classiest guests we’ve ever had coming to the event.”



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