Nicki Minaj apparently dating Jerry Colangelo

"The Other Woman" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsPhiladelphia, PA – After being spotted at the previous 76ers game, Nicki Minaj has been hanging around the 76ers offices at the Wells Fargo Center without boyfriend Meek Mill and has reportedly been spotted canoodling with Chairman of Basketball Operations Jerry Colangelo.

The 76-year-old Colangelo and 33-year-old singer Minaj were seen splitting a hot corn beef on rye sandwich at the Wells Fargo commissary, drinking sanka and smoking a bag of endo outside of Colangelo’s office.

The pairing has surprised many in the organization.

“I never new Jerry had it in him, but I suppose she is his type,” Head Coach Brett Brown said Friday morning. “Plus he knows all of the lyrics to Stupid Hoe by heart, so maybe it was meant to be?”


The booty master.

To consummate their newfound relationship, Colangelo has apparently planned a long weekend in the Catskills and was reportedly going to “tap that fat, fat ass all weekend long.”

“I’ve always enjoyed a fine young lady with a booty clapping ass. Hmm hmmmm hmmm….Jerry likes them big,” Colangelo said, admiring Minaj from afar. “Looks like that booty is just EATING them drawers, know what I mean? So long suckers, my boss ass bitch is waiting for me.”

As press time, Colangelo reportedly enjoyed a bowl of beet and some schmeer while Minaj gave him a lap dance.

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