Eagles bringing in Doug Pederson to help Sam Bradford’s sleeve game



My god, just look at those things. What a presence.

Philadelphia, PA – The Eagles front office knew they were taking a huge risk by bringing in Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to be the next head coach.

However, the organization believes Pederson can take Sam Bradford to the next level, and hopefully, a Super Bowl in the near future.

“We feel Doug can really elevate Sam’s sleeve game. Pederson was known for his long, tightly cinched sleeves during his playing days, and we feel he can teach Sam the finer points of that area,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said.

Lurie said Howie Roseman has long had his eye on Pederson ever since he was heading up the equipment division for the Eagles.

“Pederson is a legend in the sleeve game. Just look at the length, they come almost halfway down his arms,” Roseman said, watching a highlight reel of Pederson’s work in the 1999 season with the Eagles. “He’s got a pedigree in sleeves, and we hope he’ll really rub off on Sam.”

Pederson, who cannot officially accept the position until the Chiefs’ season is finished, said he relishes the opportunity to jump in sleeves first with Bradford.

“He’s got a lot of positives to his game. The droopiness, the length, that’s on point,” Pederson said. “He’s good, but not great. I think with my help, he could be the best this game has ever seen.”

Pederson noted he would not try to adjust Bradford’s style, but would introduce him to the fine art of “blousing” and would see if he’s ready for a tightly cinched sleeve, instead of the long, flowing sleeve he currently favors.

At press time, Pederson had to excuse himself and tend to a tailoring emergency for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.


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