Despite much needed reinforcements, Lebron James’ hairline making a hasty retreat

LebronPhiladelphia, PA – Two wars were being waged Monday evening, 76ers fans noted, as Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came into Philadelphia to take on the 76ers.

As Lebron took on the 76ers at the Wells Fargo Court, his hairline also waged battle against the ravages of age and male pattern baldness.

“What a talent, but he really needs to just give it up and shave his head already,” said Johnathan Ames, who was taking in the game with his young son. “More money than he could ever spend in one lifetime and he has the hairline of an 80 year old man. Really makes you think”

Several fans commented on the fact that James’ hairline actually looked as if it had extended since the last time he came to Philadelphia, but he “just wasn’t fooling anyone.”

“No way that’s his real hair. It either came from a can or they’re plugs. Kind of pathetic,” Ames said. “Sure he can dunk a basketball and entertain millions, but I’m sure he gets depressed looking down at the hair in his sink every morning like the rest of us.”

“JUST BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF, LEBRON, LIVE YOUR LIFE!” Ames shouted onto the court in Lebron’s direction during a television timeout.

At press time, James reportedly sighed as he looked over at Jahlil Okafor’s flowing locks and subconsciously ran a hand over his scalp.

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