Chip Kelly’s new house egged mercilessly for his choice of Halloween treats

chipHaddonfield, NJ – Less than two weeks after closing on his new home in Haddonfield, Chip Kelly is already facing sharp criticism in his Camden County Community after a number of children decided to egg his home on Halloween evening.

Word on the street in Haddonfield is that children were less than thrilled with what Kelly handed out in lieu of candy for Halloween.

“He’s what, a millionaire and he decides to hand out pennies and spinach smoothies? Come on, the only reason I went to his house was because I thought he’d at least have king size candy bars or something,” said Timothy Greene, 12, of Haddonfield, who was not surprised at the outcome. “My dad says he’s stealing millions of dollars from the team, so couldn’t he have at least used that for some candy? He got what he deserved.”

Kelly reportedly allowed each visitor to reach into a plastic bag filled with pennies and doled out tiny, plastic shot glasses of a green smoothie that was later identified as spinach to the young ghouls and goblins that visited his home.

Around 11:35 p.m., Kelly’s house came under fire from a number of shadowy visitors and was struck with what appeared to be a gross of eggs.

“I don’t get it. Those kids can open up bank accounts with those pennies and learn the value of a dollar earned. And I’m no Halloween scrooge, I know they love sweet treats, so I had some of Eric Rowe’s personalized spinach smoothie left over and figured it would give them energy to finish out the night. Frankly, they just didn’t execute tonight and let me down,” Kelly said.

LeSean McCoy published a tweet Sunday morning proclaiming, “A gross of eggs $35. Giving them to kids to egg Chip Kelly’s  house, priceless.”


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