‘I’m good to go,’ Michael Raffl declares from coma

103114_michael-raffl_600Philadelphia, PA – Michael Raffl, who momentarily passed out on the Flyers bench Saturday night after taking an elbow directly to the jaw, has declared through a series of hand squeezes that he should be good to go for Tuesday night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres.

“Great news about Raffl. Using the classic one squeeze for yes, two squeeze for no code, we have deduced Raffl should be in the lineup this evening,” Flyers General Manager Ron Hextall said. “It’s amazing he didn’t even have a concussion.”

Raffl took an elbow directly to the jaw Saturday night during a play near the boards against the New York Rangers. The forward woozily made his way back to the Flyers bench, before collapsing and passing out. Play was halted as trainers frantically escorted the dazed and confused Raffl back to the locker room.

Luckily, Raffl was cleared to play tonight after a rehab session where he will be taught to walk again. Raffl reportedly passed the league’s concussion protocol with flying colors, but has yet to pass the league’s paralysis protocol.

“All in all, not that serious. When he gets his feeding tube out tonight around 5 p.m., he should make his way to the rink and be ready for his first shift. Kid’s a gamer, good for him,” Hextall said. “As long as that bruise on his brain clears up, we expect a career year out of him.”

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