BREAKING NEWS: Furkan Aldemir will not leave 76ers practice facility

FurkanPhiladelphia, PA – Rumors coming out of the 76ers front office today are claiming that recently cut Turkish athlete Furkan Aldemir will not leave the practice facility and has shown up for team meetings as if nothing has happened.

Aldemir showed up this morning as his confused teammates looked on, pulling an obviously homemade 76ers practice jersey over his head as he stood directly behind his old locker, which was now occupied by rookie forward Christian Wood.

“He just kind of showed up and everyone went silent. He was shaking hands with everyone as he laced up his sneakers and pulled on a jersey that said ‘Philadelfia basketbal 76erz’. He obviously made it last night, it definitely is not official. I guess he forgot he was cut? I don’t know, I’m not telling him.” the nervous Wood said after Aldemir went to use the restroom before practice.

Wood told reporters he found several scimitars, a silver carafe filled with a foreign looking bubbling substance, and several pelts of unknown animals left behind in Aldemir’s locker.

As the roster went out to the court of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to begin practice, 76ers GM Sam Hinkie held back and confronted Aldemir.

“Furkan, we appreciate all you did for us last year, but this just is not working out. I thought we went over this yesterday. We will keep the door open in case we have injuries, but you’re not on the team now,” a flop-sweating Hinkie said to Aldemir.

Reports state Aldemir stared at Hinkie for several minutes and didn’t say a word, before jogging out to practice with his teammates.

At press time, Hinkie was drafting up a 1-year contract to sign Aldemir.

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