Greg Hardy thanks Stephen A. Smith for his support, pummels him atop pile of guns

greg hardy

All around good guy Greg Hardy.

Dallas, Texas – Controversial Dallas Cowboys defensive end found an ally with ESPN football analyst Stephen A. Smith Tuesday afternoon, as Smith publicly stated his support for Hardy and his role in a sideline scuffle with a Cowboys special teams coach.

Hardy, who was suspended the first four games of the season due to allegedly beating his girlfriend last year, thanked Smith for his support before picking him up over his head and callously tossing him down onto a pile of handguns and assault rifles.

“It’s nice to have someone on my side when so many people have me pegged as a thug and a miscreant,” Hardy said from his home as he rained blows down upon Smith, who was cowering atop the pile of deadly weapons. “I’d like to thank Stephen for his candor and not screaming for help loudly enough for my neighbors to hear this.”

At one point, Smith tried to make a break for Hardy’s open front door, but the defensive end used his tremendous closing speed and tenacity to easily tackle Smith from behind and deposit him back on top of the weapons to continue the beating.

Smith eventually was allowed to leave Hardy’s residence after six straight hours of pummeling and addressed the media afterwards.

“I’m still firmly in Greg’s side. He’s a leader and a bit of a hothead, both attributes you want in a football player. He’s too good to have this stuff effect my opinion of him as a man. Besides, I was asking for it,” he said.

At press time, Jerry Jones signed Hardy to an eight-year extension.

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