Report: Sam Bradford does not deny freelancing, changing plays on offense

The gunslinger, just doing what needs to be done to win a football game.

The gunslinger, just doing what needs to be done to win a football game.

Philadelphia, PA – Chip Kelly has confirmed reports coming out of Sunday’s game against the Cowboys that Sam Bradford freelanced several of the play calls sent into his huddles.

“Sam went off script and blatantly disregarded several of the calls I made during the game. We’ll get it corrected going into next week against New York,” Kelly curtly said at a press conference Monday afternoon. He did not take anymore questions on the matter.

Bradford, however, was much more forthcoming about his “improv” during the game Sunday afternoon.

“Sure I did it. What’s it to you, slick?” Bradford said, leaning up against his locker, a cowboy hat cockily tilted down on his head. “I wasn’t digging some of the play calls old man Kelly made Sunday, so I changed it up. Yeah I went against him, but I let the results of my play do my talking.”

When asked what results he was referring too, Bradford spat a wad of tobacco directly on Sam Donnellon’s shoe.

“That play where I threw the ball directly into the ground two yards past the line of scrimmage, near nobody? That was all me. Pure Bradford. I also optioned out of several pass plays to give my boy Murray the ball when I knew Dallas was bringing the pass rush. Felt I owed it to the guy,” he said.

When asked again why he felt it necessary to change play calls and improv during the spur of the moment, Bradford angrily slammed his fist against his locker.

“How many quarterbacks can throw a pass 10 feet over an open receivers head, and then on the next play throw it at their feet? This isn’t a game to me, this is my life, I play to win,” Bradford said.

He ended the press conference and exited the Eagles locker room through an empty elevator shaft and plummeted two stories, shattering every bone in his body.

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