Lesean McCoy: ‘Travis Long tore his ACL because Chip Kelly is a racist’

lesean-mccoy-buffalo-billsBuffalo, NY – Lesean McCoy just couldn’t help himself in the first week of Buffalo Bills training camp, as the former Eagles running back opened up yet again about his perception of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

“I’m not saying anything, nah, I’m not saying anything at all,” McCoy said after the conclusion of yesterday’s practice. “But do you see any of the white linebackers tearing their ACLs down in Philadelphia?”

When asked what he meant by his comments, McCoy said he “didn’t have to explain myself to nobody. Nobody.”

The stunned media didn’t follow up with anymore questions, but that didn’t stop McCoy from continuing.

“Kiko Alonso, a white man, only gets a concussion and will get to rest for the rest of training camp and he’ll be on that roster the first day. Travis Long, a black man, tears his ACL and the Eagles put him on injured reserve and won’t let him play for the rest of the year? That only means one thing.”

McCoy paused, pointed his finger, and looked into a nearby television camera.

“Racism. It’s racism. Chip Kelly is a racist. Travis Long probably tore his ACL on purpose because he didn’t want to play for Chip Kelly, who I can confirm, is a racist. 100% racist. Go ahead and print that.”

When a reporter asked McCoy to clarify his comments on his perception of Kelly being a racist, McCoy crossed his arms and sighed loudly.

“I never said he was a racist,” McCoy said. “Yo, didn’t anyone of you hear what I said? I’m not talking about Kelly anymore. I’m a Buffalo Bill now. I’m done with all that. Stop asking me about it, damn.”

When asked how he viewed the upcoming season, McCoy said he had high hopes for himself and the team, despite “playing for that fat ass piece of shit racist Rex Ryan.”

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