Aaron Nola dazzles fans with 6 strong innings, immediately demoted to AAA after game

Dead man walking (Photo credit: Emily Paine / The Morning Call)

Dead man walking (Photo credit: Emily Paine / The Morning Call)

Philadelphia, PA – Giving Philadelphia fans something to be excited about for the first time since 2011, Aaron Nola made his major league debut Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Rays, pitching six-strong innings and only allowing one run.

Nola exited the game with the Phillies losing 0-1, but he had certainly done his job, only allowing one earned run on five hits.

Ruben Amaro congratulated Nola on his debut, sitting next to the beaming rookie in a post game press conference.

“The kids got some great stuff, that’s for sure. Aaron pitched a great game and we thank him for that. I even see his mom and dad out in the audience there with the reporters, that’s great stuff. The Phillies support family values and we can see why Aaron turned out to be such a great kid. But, that’s what makes this so hard,” Amaro said, putting a hand on Nola’s shoulder. “We need to open up a roster spot for Jerome Williams, he’s coming off the DL, so we have decided to demote Aaron to AAA.”

Amaro thanked Nola for everything he had done for the Phillies and then handed him a ticket for the China Town Bus, which would take him back to the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs in Allentown.

When asked why Nola would not be kept up on the major league roster, Amaro scoffed.

“Did he get the win tonight? No he did not. He gave up five hits and that’s simply not good enough for our roster,” an annoyed Amaro said.

When a reporter asked why he had to announce the decision to demote Nola in the post game press conference, Amaro loudly sighed and sat back in his chair.

“You people just don’t understand the game, just like the ignorant fans that come to these games day in and day out. I know baseball. We need Jerome on this team and Aaron just doesn’t fit in with what we want to do here in the future.”

Amaro said Nola may see some major league action midway through the 2017 season if a roster spot should become available, or he would be traded before this Friday’s trade deadline.

As of press time, Nola’s locker had been cleaned out and his personal belongings placed in a dumpster behind Citizen’s Bank Park.

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