Newest 76er Jahlil Okafor trashes greenroom after draft interview

OkaforBrooklyn, NY – Smiling for the cameras and an interview with ESPN, newest 76er Jahlil Okafor vehemently denied reports his agent asked Philadelphia to not draft the Duke center, as he did not want to be part of a rebuilding process with the organization.

“No, no that’s absolutely false. I am thrilled to be with the Philadelphia 76ers and I cannot wait to begin my career with such a storied franchise. I am beyond happy to get on the court next year and help this team become the best it can be. Will you excuse me for just a minute?” Okafor said, abruptly ending his draft interview with an ESPN draft reporter.

The smiling Okafor calmly walked into a greenroom and closed the door, after which several observers said they heard loud crashes and a number of highly offensive expletives coming from the staging area.

“Whyyyyy, whyyyyyyyy, WHYYYYYYYYYYY! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Okafor was heard screaming from the room.

After several minutes of yelling, smashing, and what sounded like quiet sobbing, the still smiling Okafor exited the greenroom and said he just needed a few minutes to reflect on the momentous night.

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  1. For anyone looking for a fluid plan from Hinkie, or any GM in the NBA doesn’t follow the NBA. The league is built on luck and having a lottery pick in the right draft at the right time. The Trailblazers won the lottery in 2007 and took Greg Oden would anchor their team for the next 10 years, while the Sonics (now OKC) took Durant at #2. If Seattle had won that lottery, they would have taken Durant and those 2 teams would have traveled a different path in the past 8 years.

    There is no easy way to build a team in the NBA because you are picking college players with one year of experience, so nobody knows if Towns, Russell or Okafur will be a star. Every 10 years a Shaq, Duncan, or Lebron come out and they are true game changers that can accelerate a team building for the future.

    Hinkie is just taking the best player at where he is picking and thats all he can do. The worst thing he could have done last night was take one of the PG at #3 and then you aren’t getting true value for that lottery pick.

    The Warriors drafted Curry in 2009, and won a Championship 6 years later, so nothing is built overnight these days in the post Miami Heat Super Team CBA rules.


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