Free-agent Phillippe Aumont vows revenge against Phillies organization

(above) Some loser.

(above) Some loser.

Philadelphia, PA – The last piece to the Cliff Lee trade has been released from the Phillies organization, as relief pitcher Phillippe Aumont did not accept an assignment to the minors and has become a free agent.

Aumont represented the last piece of the Cliff Lee in 2009. The reliever was none to pleased to be released and let Manager Ryne Sandberg know it yesterday when he stormed into the skipper’s office.

“Fuck you Sandberg!” Aumont yelled, as he hurled a baseball intended for the manager’s head. The baseball was high and outside by about three feet. Eyewitnesses said Sandberg didn’t even flinch after Aumont released the baseball.

Frustrated, Aumont grabbed another baseball from Sandberg’s desk and fired it across the room, only to throw it five feet in front of Sandberg’s feet.

Tears streaming down his face, Aumont stomped out of the office and began to clean out his locker, pieces of clothes intended for the inside of his duffel bag being strewn across a nearby chair and table.

Aumont left the locker room with a nearly empty duffel bag, wearing two left-footed shoes on his feet and a backwards t-shirt.

As of press time, Aumont had attempted to make a right onto 10th street and crashed his car into a brick wall. As he stumbled to a hospital, Aumont fell off the Walt Whitman Bridge.

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