Philadelphia absolutely buzzing about the draft

sparkle-quotePhiladelphia, PA – Philadelphia is frenetic today as all minds are on the draft. Little work is likely being done, as employees everywhere are keeping their eyes on their bosses as they surf the internet to gobble up as much information as they can on the local sports scene.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s the most EXCITING day of the year.

NHL Draft Day is upon us.

After a year of waiting, pouring over your NHL draft sheets, diligently pouring over Adam Kimelman’s mock drafts, the event is finally here.

Will the Flyers land a Nathan Mackinnon type player, or will they be saddled with a Zach Hamill type? I think we all know what we mean by that!

Adding to the excitement for today’s draft, the Flyers are hosting a draft party in one-half of the Chestnut Street YMCA community room. Cost is $2 to enter, which will get you a complimentary glass of orange drink. Please remember to bring your own folding chair and get to the event early, as the Flyers will have a 15-inch TV set up for your viewing pleasure. Remember to keep your voices down, as an alcoholics anonymous meeting will be held on the opposite end of the room.

Attendance is expected to be well over 15 people, according to a Flyers representative.

Lets go Flyers!

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