Chip Kelly vs. Lesean McCoy, how a rumor is born (a play in 8 acts)

The Coggin has been flooded with reports today in regards to the alleged rumor of the dustup between head coach Chip Kelly and traded running back Lesean McCoy. The following is a reenactment between the two around week 12 of last season. Lets watch, shall we?


Damn coach, too many sprints today at practice, you’ve got to be shitting me.


Did you just say you want to be hitting me, Shady?!


Wait, what? No, no coach I said you’re got to be shitting me, shitting me. Not hitting. Man get off my back.


Smack? Did you just say get off my smack? You’re a big boy, Shady, you know what you said. Tell me what you fucking said.







Don't get too comfortable, Sam. Ahhhhhhhh I’m just messing with you Shady! I had you for a second, I have to say, I think you’d fold under questioning ::turns to Howie Roseman:: I can’t wait to trade that piece of garbage to Buffalo.

The End


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