Teary eyed Nick Kayal, Sean Brace leave 97.5, vow to start own radio station

bracePhiladelphia, PA – Misty eyed and holding back sobs, recently let go 97.5 FM radio hosts Nick Kayal and Sean Brace left the station vowing that they would “show them all” and would “create the best sports talk station this city has ever seen.”

Kayal and Brace, tears streaming down their faces, vowed they would make 97.5 FM regret its decision.

“We’ll show you…sniff….we will show you all! We’re smart, we were passed over!” Brace said, a hand around Kayal as they packed up their mediocre belongings. “We were passed over! We’ll show you, we’ll show all of you!”

roster-sean-braceAs the two exited the company building, Brace reportedly keyed Mike Missanelli’s Toyota Tercel as he ran down the parking lot. Loud sobs were heard from the two as they got into their respective vehicles and vowed they would show the world they had been wronged.

“We’ll start our own station…give us a few years and we’ll be fine. I know my stuff, so does Sean, we’re going to get back on top, you know we will!” Kayal said, his eyes bloodshot from the nonstop crying.

As of press time, Brace had completed an application to Chik-Fil-A and Kayal was cleaning out the gutters of his neighbor’s home to earn $15.

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