Tom McCarthy pleased to already be in midseason form, hated by everyone


Tom McCarthy, just one game into the Phillies 2015 season, is already hated by 95% of Phillies fan.

Clearwater, FLA – Just seven innings into the first official Spring Training exhibition match against the New York Yankees, lead television announcer Tom McCarthy said he was happy with the warmup and the general hatred being lobbed his way in the broadcasters booth.

“I’m very pleased with my progression so far. As you know, it’s not only spring training for the players, but for the announcers too,” the jovial announcer said during the seventh inning stretch. A soda from the stands was hurled into the booth, splattering the head television announcer with diet coke.

After opening up the season with an obviously approved and/or written speech from the Phillies front office, McCarthy touched on the Phillies being the favorites of the National League East due to their “veteran laden” roster and  launched into a 10 minute discussion with new announcer Ben Davis on how he wasn’t wearing the correct color shirt for the broadcast.

“You’ll learn. We all wear red shirts during the first game of the season, you’ll get a bit of ribbing from us, but it’s all in good fun. Hey, we like to have fun here in the booth, you’re part of the family now!” McCarthy teasingly told Davis.

Davis stopped speaking with McCarthy three innings into the game and obviously bristled when McCarthy screamed about a possible “Oppo Boppo” on what was eventually just a lazy flyball from Ryan Howard to left field.

“It took Matt Stairs and I months to develop the uncomfortable chemistry that Benny D and I already have in just under one game together,” McCarthy said, beaming as he put an arm around his beleaguered coworker, who was obviously rethinking some of his career choices. “Hey don’t worry Benny and the Jets, you’ll get used to the profanity laced tirades the fan scream at us all game long. By mid-July, you won’t even hear them anymore.”

Davis did not reappear in the booth for the start of the 8th inning.

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