Why is the Denver Nuggets’ court an homage to the Soviet Union?

What the fuck, Denver? Last I checked we lived in America. What in god’s name is up with your home court?

I know an old-fashioned hammer and sickle when I sees it. I’M ON TO YOU. Do you make your fans wait in week long lines for bread at halftime, you pinko commie STOOLIES.


I guess Steph Curry doesn’t love America? But I do, and I’ll play


Best basketball player in the world, or America’s greatest traitor?

Steph Curry recently announced he would not be participating in the upcoming Olympic games due to his various injuries and for his apparent hatred of America. I’m sure if MOTHER RUSSIA knocked on Steph’s door and offered him a hammer and sickle he’d jump at the opportunity to play.

Well guess what Steph? When Lady Liberty comes a calling, you’d better be ready to accept the charges and put aside your little dings and maladies to give it all for the red, the white, and the blue.

Dos vedanya comrade, don’t let your bottle of vodka┬áhit your ass on the way out.