Tom Crean

The ladies have spoken!

Easy there Tom, kids go on this blog!

Easy there Tom, kids go on this blog!

Ladies, we heard you loud and clear at The Coggin Toboggan. Thanks for participating in our first ever Smooch Off poll between Tom Crean, University of Indiana mens head basketball coach, and Bill Belichik, head coach of the New England Patriots.

Bill put up a good fight, but the ladies cast their support behind Tom Crean smooching his son after an Indiana basketball game! And what’s not to like, am I right? That slicked back hair, the tender kiss, what lucky lady would not want to find themselves with Crean and his son!

Better luck next year, Bill. Maybe if you show a bit more passion with your daughter you might win the second annual Smooch Off poll at the CT!

Crean declined to comment on his victory and promptly blocked us on Twitter. Ooooh he’s a firey one!

Who is the better smoocher?

Ladies, we’ve heard you loud and clear at the CT. You want more content catering to female interests! Of course you do, how could you not?

Well we think this poll is right up your alley. Tell us your opinions on who is the better kisser between superhunks Bill Belichick and Tom Crean. Both head coaches are showcasing their smooching skills in these pictures, so who is better??

Who kisses their respective child on the mouth better? Bill Belichick kissing his daughter after Sunday’s Super Bowl victory, or Tom Crean kissing his son after a University of Indiana basketball game?

Let us know!