St. Louis Cardinals


At this very moment, Nick Williams felt what every single Phillies fan felt last night while watching this beleaguered bullpen try to cough away yet another win after a stellar performance from Nick Pivetta.

The Phillies ended winning in 10 after blowing a 9th inning two run lead, but not before Williams took a ball off the outfield fence into the old schnozolla, resulting in a deluge of blood and several social media videos he’d likely enjoy being scrubbed from the internet….all of which you can see after the jump!

(Andrew Dice Clay voice) BALLS ACROSS THE NOSE….OHHH!


Phillies twitter sent out 9 tweets during last night’s game. DON’T HURT YOURSELF, FELLAS

Philadelphia_PhilliesNot really sure why this bothers me as much as it does, but whoever run the Phillies twitter account is just awful at social media. Just nine tweets sent out during the course of a nine inning, three hour game.

What is he or she doing during the game? Are they catching a bullpen session? Are they just enjoying the grand old ball game? IS IT TOM MCCARTHY?!

It’s 162 game season, fellas, way to not burn out and waste too much material.