Pat Egan

Pat Egan to apologize this afternoon on Mike Missanelli’s show, debut a new character

20091224_fm400Philadelphia, PA – 97.5 FM producer Pat Egan will apologize this afternoon on Mike Missanelli’s show for his role in what many have perceived to be a racist radio bit.

Egan, fresh off a three day suspension, also announced plans to debut a new character today on Mike Missanelli’s program.

Egan, who has come under fire for his portrayal of “Dwayne from Swedesboro,” will apologize for the racial undertones he used for the fake caller, who frequently called into Missanelli’s program using a “black” voice and often discussed his love for white women.


Philly sports talk radio rocked as “97.5 FM Host Mike Missanelli” revealed as fake


Scandal! Popular radio host Mike Missanelli revealed as a hoax.

Philadelphia, PA – The jig is up.

In a scandal that may rock the popular sports talk radio station to its core, 97.5 FM producers Jason Myrtetus and Pat Egan have revealed that infamous 97.5 FM mid-day host “Mike Missanelli,” a stereotypical Italian dunderhead who appeals to the lowest common denominator, is in actuality a fake character cooked up by Egan.

Egan said he created the character in the early 2000s when “he” first appeared on then 610 WIP. Thought of as a one-shot character designed to infuriate listeners and garner hatred throughout the city, Egan was surprised when 610 hired him to reprise the character on a daily basis as a host.