NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat ticket sales update: In the arms of an angel, we can stop this cruelty

Less than five hours until tip-off to the first Miami Heat home playoff game, and there are STILL thousands of tickets available for sale, according to the team’s official ticketmaster page.

Look, this was all fun and games yesterday. Oh those wacky Heat fans, they just don’t care! But now? Well, now it’s just sad. Depressing, really. According to the page there are still 400+ general admission tickets available for purchase (at a TOTALLY RAD price of $69 a ticket) and nobody is biting.

Just look at this map of the Heat arena and all sections that still have tickets available for tonight. The blue sections are areas that still have tickets. Check it out after the jump:


Unsurprisingly, there are still plenty of great seats available for tomorrow’s 76ers game in Miami

Looking for a last minute vacation for you and all of your jackass friends from Philadelphia? Well then, let me be the first to suggest taking a trip down to Miami for game three of the 76ers and Heat NBA playoff series.

No no, don’t worry about getting tickets, THOUSANDS are still available to be bought just a mere 32 hours before tip-off!

Well, they have to be expensive, right? And there’s no way they can be purchased through the team’s Ticketmaster website, they’re probably only available through second-party websites at INSANE markups. It is, after all, the first home playoff game for the Heat this year, right?

Oh you poor ignorant slut. For the low, low price of $59 you and your idiot friends can attend tomorrow night’s game against the 76ers with a general admission ticket!