Eagles stomp all over the sharpest of Wisconsin cheddars in their march to victory

The Eagles sent the Green Bay faithful packing to their houses made of cheese curds and beer brats with a stunning 34-27 victory that may or may not send old Uncle Coggin to an early grave.

Ten seconds was all it took to completely believe the Eagles were destined to give up yet another fourth quarter victory to SCREAMING at Nigel Bradham to get the fuck down and not fumble the game winning interception as salty Aaron Rodgers looked on in disgust, perhaps thinking back to fonder times when he still spoke to his extended family.

It was a season saver. 2-2, onto the bloated, rotting corpse of the Jets next week, and they’re rolling.

Random game thoughts after the jump:

• “GET DOWN YOU FUCK!” may have been the screamed epithet that finally woke my 3-year-old up as Bradham clumsily held the ball out three feet from his body as he rumbled up the field for a meaningless interception return. Sorry buddy, daddy has important things to yell at while you’re sleeping.

• Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Davante Adams would have scored if he didn’t get hurt? Oh well, sorry your pinky toe had a boo boo.

• After I cracked open a bottle of Elijah Craig and had a drink the Eagles scored two touchdowns. You’re welcome. I do so much for you people.

• Wentz looked great. Locked in all game…wish he had completed the final nail in the coffin to Jeffery to save a little stress on the old ticker.

• Wasn’t a fan of Doug Pederson’s decision to go for two so early, but it’s how he coaches. Aggressive as fuck. Dougy P is evidently not a fan of pulling out and willing to throw caution to the wind for the big score.

• It looked like the Eagles got away with a wee bit of pass interference on the game winning interception. Now, if only the referees could have overturned Matt LaFleur’s horrendous play calling for the other five downs the Packers couldn’t score on when they were within five yards of the endzone. Could the Packers challenge that?

• Thank you Aaron Jones for scoring a meaningless 19 fantasy points in a loss to help Uncle Coggin out in fantasy this week.

• Maybe Packers fans can buy some more fake team stock to wipe their tear filled eyes?

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