The Blame Game – Lions 27, Eagles 24 Edition

Does the F-Lot Crew still have that coffin from two weeks ago? I wouldn’t mind laying down, closing the lid, and sleeping forever after watching the Eagles fall to 1-2 on the year after dropping yet another winnable game to the Lions.

This is a new segment at the Coggin. The Blame Game. Let’s throw some blame around for who was most responsible for a putrid loss, let’s get it all off our chests today, and let’s start things FRESH tomorrow for the inevitable heartbreaking letdown we’re bound to experience at Lambeau this Thursday.

Let’s throw some blame around after the jump.

A Bucket of Blame on the Drops – Should be DOUSED upon the 7 dropped passes (two for touchdowns, including the potential game winner in the last minute) and the incorrigible rogues who decided Sunday would be the perfect day to develop alcoholism tremors. Touchdowns, first downs, big gains, small gains, contested, wide open….all drops were available and all drops were wholly embraced. Maybe the pre-game meal of greasy fried chicken and buttered popcorn should be scrapped before next week.

A Mr. Fuji Blame Throw to the Eyes – Goes directly to Mack Hollins. OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE, NUMBER 16…THAT’S A 10 YARD PENALTY, REPLAY DOWN. Hollins pushed himself out of bed this morning and got another flag.

The Under Pressure Blame Game – Is thrown directly at the feet of the defensive line. You can pressure the quarterback once every few series of snaps, fellas, you don’t have to just stand there like slugs and let out god awful cornerbacks get cooked every game. Fletcher Cox needs to stop daydreaming about knocking up married women and focus his sexual energy into destroying the backfield.

A light misting of untouched Fumbleitis Blame – Oh Nelson Agholor…Nelly Nelly Nelly Nelly…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nelly Nelly Nelly Nelly. This is what we’re doing now? It’s not enough that we have to drop wide open touchdown passes, but we’re making catches and immediately fumbling without being touched? WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED?

A Smattering of Blame – Goes directly to Miles Sanders and his strong neck. If it had broke on that egregious uncalled facemask penalty he would have mercifully been spared the rest of the game and would have spared the rest of us his two fumbles.

A Dusting of Blame on Carson Wentz – It’s hard to get too angry at Wentz when his receivers were dropping balls faster than a arthritic porn star (sorry) but he deserves at least a dusting of blame. There’s enough blame to go around, and our gingerheaded leader deserves his fair share. He just seems a TICK off with his throws. Sanders had a walk in touchdown (if he didn’t fumble it first) but Wentz underthrew him and didn’t hit him in stride. It’s been two bad weeks, Carson, time to resurrect your game on the third week and save us all.

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