A booing comparison of Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton’s home debuts

I can’t believe this is a narrative that is already taking off. Thanks to NJ.com and two hapless idiots who decided to boo Bryce Harper in the vicinity of some schmuck recording on their iPhone, the national media is now trotting out the old tired narrative of Philadelphia fans being too harsh on their own players.

Thanks to NJ.com and this headline, “PHILLIES FANS BOO BRYCE HARPER ON OPENING DAY AFTER TWO STRIKEOUTS” you’d be hard pressed to defend Phillies fans for their boorish behavior. Booing Harper on his first day of a 13-year contract? That’s absurd and ignorant.

And then you see the video after the jump and what the “booing” consisted of.

W…wait. That’s it? It’s literally one drunk idiot booing after Harper strikes out, and then another drunk idiot parroting the first drunk idiots idiotic decision to boo. It’s quite literally two fans booing, which I guess constitutes “Phillies fans booing” since it wasn’t just a singular fan, but it’s a little misleading.

It’s captured from an iPhone video in the crowd. It wasn’t captured on the broadcast and nobody knew about it until NJ.com decided to splash it up on their twitter page.

Now, compare that “booing” video with Yankees fans booing Giancarlo Stanton in his Yankees home opener last year after a five strikeout game.

“That’s not how you boo. THIS is how you boo.” – Crocodile Dundee 4: Mick’s Revenge.

The boos rained down that day, my friends, truly a sight to see. The boos were bad enough to even be remarked upon by the play-by-play announcer, who even described them as “a little harsh.”

That compared to two idiots booing Harper (which was probably sarcastic, to be honest) and I think we’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Nary a peep was heard from the Phillies announcers because literally NOBODY ELSE but the NJ.com reporter and the fans in their general vicinity heard the boos.

It’s insane. We love you Bryce. Don’t read the newspapers or go on social media, please.

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