Why was Allen Iverson wearing the David Puddy 8-Ball jacket at the Sixers game?

Great win yesterday by the Sixers. Just an absolute trouncing of the LeBron led Los Angeles Lakers, showcasing a new and improved roster that has yet to gel but it still throttling less talented teams with more scoring options than this franchise has ever seen.

And yet, all I want to talk about this morning is Allen Iverson wearing the EXACT REPLICA of David Puddy’s 8-ball jacket from Seinfeld.

It’s not even a matter of it looking “similar” … it is the exact same jacket David Puddy wore during the end credits of the Season 9, episode 12 classic “The Reverse Peephole” in the television series Seinfeld.

The exact same one. Look at it.

I have so many questions that need answers.

How many episodes of Seinfeld has Allen Iverson seen in his life? Can he quote the Sein with the best of him? If I screamed out “Top of the muffin TO YOU!” would he give me a knowing nod and a wink as he went by?

Is it possible he’s never seen the show but somehow stumbled across the jacket and thought it was a legitimate fashion choice? What are the odds that he saw this jacket, has never seen the Seinfeld episode it was featured in, and he purchased it ON HIS OWN FREE WILL and without knowing 100% of Seinfeld fans would recognize in 0.0001 seconds and resist the urge to yell “HEY, TALK TO THE 8-BALL” in his face?

Were people just yelling Puddy lines to him all afternoon to his bewilderment?

Did anyone that came to the game with him recognize the jacket but were too afraid to tell him that it was from Seinfeld?

Do you think he was going to wear a fur to the game but decided he looked a little too much like a dandy?

Is he a closet Seinfeld fan and decided to publicly declare his fandom with the gesture to Patrick Warburton? Is Puddy his favorite secondary character in the show?

What do you think Iverson’s favorite Seinfeld episode is?

These are questions that deserve to be answered. NAY, these are questions that NEED to be answered.

Allen, please, for the love of God let us in and let us know. The city needs to know.

Click the link below to see if the 76ers have released an 8-Ball jacket of their own yet.

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  1. Seinfeld has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with why he wore that jacket. That jacket was a huge fashion statement in the inner city in the early 90’s… Go on Jim Jones’s page which is @jimjonescapo, he just posted it(jacket) on his IG… What Iverson is doing is called a ‘Throwback’ in the fashion industry…


  2. The fact that you affiliated that jacket with Puddy is so hilarious!!! However, It’s 90s fashion. The surprised reaction of the thought that Iverson watches Seinfeld was funny too. I mean, who doesn’t love Seinfeld though? Fun fact: the writer of that episode absolutely hated 8ball jackets which gave the idea to do the episode.


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