Eagles fans are laying waste to opposing NFC North fanbases season by season

Who will be next? Eagles fans have slowly drilled themselves into the brains of opposing NFC North fanbases the past two season, needling their way into the subconsciouses of fans and media as the franchise lays waste to playoff hopes and dreams.

Last year we drove Minnesota fans insane after a small traveling group of fans DARED to do the idiotic SKOL SKOL SKOL chant on the Art Museum steps before the mauling of their beloved Vikings hours later.

Their fans are STILL bitching more than a year later after the Eagles threw their fraud team in the garbage can on way to winning their first Super Bowl (in Minnesota, no less).

Look at this poor bastard. I’d wager he tweets about the Eagles at least once a week through tear-filled, reddened eyes.

These tweets aren’t from last postseason. They’re from last week. I guess if you live in Minnesota and the ice fishing isn’t good you have a lot of time to kill, like crying online about football.

We fried their brains. Minnesota nice no longer applies when they find out you’re from Philadelphia. Their eyes roll over black and they begin speaking in tongues at the “low class” fans that have tormented them since last January.

They even went so far as to try and keep visiting Philadelphia fans out of restaurants and bars during Super Bowl week, which as I quickly found out was all talk.

And now Bears fans are having their chance to meltdown, and look, it’s starting in the media!

Well look, I guess that’s warranted, right? Philadelphia took joy in his miss, and even slightly needled the former Eagle when a graphic was displayed on the Peco Building with the now infamous “DOINK!” missed field goal call.

Sure, that’s not exactly the most gracious things that winners do, I’d agree with that.

But you know what’s worse? Openly threatening to kill Cody Parkey and his family for missing that kick.

Like Bears fans have been doing since the game ended. You can read about it here. And here it seems. And, wow, right here as well!

Now, I’m not big city psychologist, but I’d have to believe that Parkey is less bothered by the “DOINK!” graphic being display on the side of a building hundreds of miles away than he is the death threats coming from supposed fans that live in his own city.

But sure, let’s focus on how Eagles fans are big ol’ meanies who threw snowballs at Santa in 1968. At least we’re not threatening murder in 2019 like Chicago. Maybe ESPN will reference that as much as the snowball thing? (probably not)

Who will be next? The Bears and Vikings fanbases have already been infected by the Philadelphia virus….who will be exposed next?

Detroit? Green Bay? Get inoculated now, fellas, because when Philadelphia gets in that bloodstream it’s hard to get us out.

Just ask this poor bastard.

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