Did Don Rickles inadvertently cost the Eagles a Super Bowl victory in 1981?

Yesterday, I found myself struggling to keep my head above water at work and I took a deep, deep dive into a Don Rickles YouTube wormhole. There’s nothing better than watching old talk show clips of Rickles tearing celebrities to shreds as a delighted Johnny Carson or David Letterman look on, unable to stop the hilarious carnage as he barrels over flustered guests and ugly audience members.

I came across a web series produced by the AARP called “Dinner with Don,” released in 2017, featuring a 91-year-old Rickles having dinner with a different celebrity each week. It’s a blatant rip-off of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” and Rickles looks like he can barely keep his head up through the entire taping, but he’s still Rickles and the guests are all interesting, so it’s a great time waster if you’re a fan.

In an interview with Rich Eisen, Rickles drops a gem about the only Super Bowl he’s ever attended, the 1981 Super Bowl XV featuring the Eagles and the Raiders.

According to Rickles, he was in the Eagles locker room before the game and took offense to the VERY Catholic prayer circle, as you can after the jump:

Rickles said he donned a yarmulke and attempted to lead the Eagles in a Jewish prayer circle, which they were none too pleased with. Eisen asked if that was the reason the Eagles lost the Super Bowl, but Rickles wouldn’t confirm.

Look, Rickles obviously never did this. There is no way they let him anywhere close to the prayer circle, or gave him the time of day before the biggest game of their lives, but if he was in the locker room at any point prior to the game it’s no wonder the Eagles didn’t stand a chance against the Raiders.

Rickles throwing barbs at the roster minutes before game time would throw anyone off their game, and Ron Jaworski is POLISH of all things. If Rickles got wind of that, that poor bastard never would have stood a chance.

“Jaworski? You’ve got a Polak on this team? As the quarterback?! How did you get here today? Who dressed you? I’m surprised you didn’t show up on ice skates, you big dummy. Look at you, you’re thinking about blowing this game as I’m talking too, aren’t you? You dumb Pole.”

Jaworski threw three interceptions to one touchdown on the day. Damnit Rickles, you cost the Eagles a Super Bowl.

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