How many fake twitter accounts has Jon Marks created to insult Mike Missanelli?

As reported by Crossing Broad, Mike Missanelli, paranoid android and 97.5 the Fanatic host, took to the airwaves last Friday afternoon and floated an extremely sane theory about how his former producer, and now 94 WIP host, Jon Marks created fake twitter accounts to criticize his show and spread rumors about the Fanatic’s annual “Fantasy Fest” event.

Missanelli discussed a rumor that “Fantasy Fest” didn’t allow women to attend. Of course women allowed to attend the event, it’s a free country, they can do what they want! Most, however, are smart enough to realize that attending an event with hundreds of BO ridden, drunken sports talk fans isn’t the most entertaining way to spend a Saturday in the summer.

Here’s Missanelli explaining to his show producers how jet fuel can’t sustain a fire hot enough to melt steel girders and how Jon Marks is ruining his life. Please note the very hip and up-to-date slang Missanelli employs to connect with a younger audience (transcript from Crossing Broad):

Mike: “I guarantee you that was started by the other station and their insecurities, because I have seen fake Twitter accounts that rip this show and laud that other show, little Skippy over there that used to be my producer, I’ve been told is behind some fake accounts.”

Tyrone: “Oh!”

Mike: “Yeah.”

Tyrone: “Really?”

Mike: “Yeah. So when you resort to creating fake accounts like Barbara Bottini, to rip the show, that shows a level of desperation. That means you’re a V.L.T.”

Natalie: “A what?”

Mike: “Very little talent.”

Natalie: “Oh”

Tyrone: “That also means that have a PhD, which is a player hater’s degree.”

Mike: “Yeah. Listen, I know you’re desperate, because you are a V.L.T. But come on, fake twitter accounts? Come on.”

I ordered a VLT at a diner the other day…mama mia, you can’t go wrong.

I decided to put on my journalism hat, Ringer style, and delve into the seedy underbelly of Twitter to identify just how many fake Twitter accounts Marks has created to rip Missanelli.

Ho ho! Classic dig, Jon. Marks really twisting that knife in nice and deep.

Wow! That’s four fake accounts right off the bat! Insulting his manhood, his show content, his HUMANITY of all things. My god, Jon Marks, have you no decency? How many more can we find, this is really easy…who knew there were so many fake accounts of people insulting Missanelli on Twitter. Can’t be too many more, right?

Jon Marks has been a busy guy. Look at all these fake accounts. We found almost dozens of fake accounts in about 20 minutes of searching Twitter. Come on Jon, how much time does one man have on his hands to create all of these fake accounts? You have to register a new email for each one, carefully cultivate thousands of back tweets to create a history to throw Missanelli off your trail. It’s like these accounts were made by real people who can’t stand the sight of Frankenstein’s monster spouting nonsense into a microphone every day.

I mean, come on, it’s not like these are all real! Who actually thinks this stuff?! Has to all be coming from one man, and that man is Jon Marks.

Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say people just don’t find Missanelli’s tired shtick all that entertaining anymore. Good thing he’s not on TV as well, that would just be overkill.

This is easily your worst work yet, Jon. Way to create the worst twitter name and account of all time. Complete waste of time and energy, if you ask me. What a loser.

Well this one is obviously fake.

You know what’s not fake? Kickass Phillies merchandise bought at the Fanatic.

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Shop Philadelphia  Phillies gear at!

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