Colin Cowherd is a parasite and Scott O’Neil is letting him feast on the 76ers essence

Oh Scott, did you have to bow under the pressure of a national sports talk moron and go against 99% of your fanbase’s wishes?

I mean, normally sending a personalized jersey to someone who has come around on the franchise would be a fine thing, but did you have to do it with him? With Colin “perfect smokey eye” Cowherd?

Maybe the only other person you could have recruited onto the 76ers bandwagon would have been Skip Bayless, but not even you could be that tone deaf to try and curry his favor….right?


It’s not about someone trashing The Process…it’s not about an us vs. them mentality…it’s about Colin Cowherd being a pig-headed moron who is desperately trying to glom onto something that is good and pure, someone trying to wriggle his gray, clammy talons into a dominant organism and feast off its vitality.

He’s a worthless pilot fish, eating the morsels left over from the king of the sea.

You don’t acknowledge those parasites, Scott, and you especially don’t serve them free seven-course banquets when they’re ABHORRED by the fans that spend good money to see your team.

I’ll only accept this if the jersey is infected with ebola. Okay, maybe not ebola, but at least lice. Just festering with lice. A parasite being overrun by other parasites. OH SWEET IRONY.

If I see him sporting that jersey on Twitter I’ll just lose it…until the 76ers win game 1 and then I’ll completely forget about forgettable Mr. Cowherd.

Do you want some 76ers merchandise that won’t make you vomit upon the sight of it? Go buy some Phila Unite t-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts. They’re awesome and I personally guarantee Colin Cowherd has never been within one square-mile of their presence.

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Philadelphia 76ers Phila Unite Playoff Shirt


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