If you’re jumping ship now, you’re WEAK

Are you guys kidding me? Are we really doing this after ONE game? The 76ers have one of their best seasons in years, a core of young stars and grizzled veterans cobble together a 52 win season when most of us had them going .500 and we’re ready to jump ship after ONE loss?

If you’re nervous, you’re weak. Get over it.

Here’s what I’ve heard within 12 hours of the 76ers loss.

  • The 76ers need to hire Erik Spoelstra/Tom Thibodeau/Gregg Popovich as their head coach next season. How are they going to do this, exactly, when they’re all under contract? Put a burlap sack over their head and shanghai them to Philadelphia?
  • Trade next year’s first round pick, Fultz, Covington, and Saric for Kawhi Leonard. Great idea! Let’s give up a king’s ransom for the one player in the history of the NBA that hated playing for Gregg Popovich and faked an injury all year to get off the team. Sounds like the perfect fit for this roster.
  • Complete outrage at the fact that Markelle Fultz didn’t get garbage time minutes in the loss last night. THIS PROVES BRETT BROWN THINKS HE’S MENTALLY WEAK. This is a lost year for Fultz, people, if he’s still mentally blocked next year we can push the panic button.

If you thought any of these three things last night, I weep for you. Have you people learned NOTHING from the past several months? It’s a new era in Philadelphia, we shouldn’t only derive joy from the negative anymore. This is a goddamn city of champions now, so why are wailing and gnashing our teeth after one bad loss to a Celtics team that shot the goddamn lights out?

Just look at this stat:


I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Celtics don’t shoot 50% from three for the rest of the series….and I’d wager the Sixers shoot a smidge better than 19%.

God damnit people. When do we give this team the benefit of the doubt? They’ve tolled the bell all year, it’s one game, step down from the ledge.

Let’s not be a reactionary bunch of losers like this fella right here:

I very much look forward to another video of Mr. Portnoy weeping his eyes out when the 76ers win this series in six. Should be fun!

Let’s remember the good times, shall we?

Oh god that’s great. An adult man openly sobbing after his football team loses in week 1. Just outright blubbering . YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU.

Let’s not be like this, Philadelphia. Sixers in 6.

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