Boston sports talk host Alex Reimer may want to refrain from calling Tom Brady’s kid a ‘pissant’

You know, I’m sure WEEI’s Alex Reimer was just feeling his oats on Thursday. He’s part of the popular Kirk & Callahan Boston sports talk radio show, he gets to chat with Super Bowl bound quarterback Tom Brady on a weekly basis, he probably thought he had even built up a bit of a rapport with the famously mercurial Brady. Brady’s a dad, he knows his kid can be annoying sometimes, right?! I  mean, he’d probably get a kick out of a joke teasing his daughter for her behavior in that “Tom vs. Time” documentary. They’re buddies now, right? It will be great!

Oh Alex, no. No,  it will not be great. Don’t do it….don’t you dare do it.


He did it. Reimer, you poor son of a bitch.

Ok, ok. It’s probably not that big of a deal right? Brady wasn’t even on the phone at the time, maybe he won’t hear it and they’ll get to keep doing the interview with him, right? RIGHT?!


“I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, certainly don’t deserve that.”

Well, at least Brady won’t be mentioned much this week….nobody watches the Super Bowl, right?

Alex, what the fuck are you doing? Does Tom Brady seem like the kind of fun loving athlete who would let you call his kid a pissant? Did you think he would come on the air and give you kudos for the delightful barb against his adorable 5-year-old kid?

As much shit as I’ve talked about Philadelphia sports talk radio in the past (and good lord, there has been so much shit) there’s no way in HELL they’d insult the kid of one of the most beloved athletes in city history.

I’m fairly certain that if Carson Wentz ever has a kid, Anthony Gargano would quit his job with The Fanatic in a heartbeat to volunteer his services as a full-time wet nurse.

Oh well. Reimer was suspended by the station indefinitely, which is a shame because I’d enjoy hearing his stammering, whimpering on air apology to Brady and his kid.

That would be must hear radio. What a pissant.

Philadelphia Eagles NFC Champs

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