Alex Reimer

Boston sports talk host Alex Reimer may want to refrain from calling Tom Brady’s kid a ‘pissant’

You know, I’m sure WEEI’s Alex Reimer was just feeling his oats on Thursday. He’s part of the popular Kirk & Callahan Boston sports talk radio show, he gets to chat with Super Bowl bound quarterback Tom Brady on a weekly basis, he probably thought he had even built up a bit of a rapport with the famously mercurial Brady. Brady’s a dad, he knows his kid can be annoying sometimes, right?! I  mean, he’d probably get a kick out of a joke teasing his daughter for her behavior in that “Tom vs. Time” documentary. They’re buddies now, right? It will be great!

Oh Alex, no. No,  it will not be great. Don’t do it….don’t you dare do it.


He did it. Reimer, you poor son of a bitch.