If the Eagles lose week 2 against Kansas City is the season over?


Photo credit: NJ.com

1-0 after week 1. Good job guys. Good effort. Great to get out of D.C. with a victory over the hated Washington Native Americans (name changed to keep this blog as a safe space) and come back to Philadelphia a winner.

Not so fast though. The season is in trouble, and anyone with a good pair of eyes can see it.

With a week 2 jaunt against the Kansas City Chiefs looming over the franchise, we have to face some serious facts about the season already.

If the Eagles lose against the Chiefs next Sunday, is the season over?

I say yes.

You really think a .500 record in the NFC East is going to get us anywhere? Imagine losing to the Chiefs next week and the Eagles are sitting at 1-1. You think the Cowboys are going to go .500 this year? The Giants? It may be ok to go .500 in Philadelphia for some fans, but I want more. The Eagles should want more.

Yes folks, week 2 is a must win. IT IS A MUST WIN.

Doug Pederson is already on the hot seat. Sure, they won in week 1, but at what cost? Ronald Darby could miss several weeks, Jason Peters is already hurt, and Caleb Sturgis was hobbled after the opening kickoff. I’ve got news for you folks, THAT’S ON THE HEAD COACH! Why even go through a training camp if you’re not going to get these guys in shape?

Ask yourself these questions. Was Darby shirking the team’s ankle strengthening drills? What was Peters doing when he should have been doing his groin lifts? Sturgis hurt his hip? Last time I checked you don’t kick with your hip, you kick with your leg. What is Pederson doing to these guys?

Personally, I think it’s because he doesn’t hit enough in training camp…or he hits TOO MUCH in training camp. Either way, that’s on the coach for not figuring out what’s best for the team.

So enjoy the win, Doug, but crack those books tonight and get working on a fool proof game plan for next week. You’re going to need to pull out all the stops, maybe insert a few more bubble screens into the playbook to ensure success.

No pressure, but if you lose week 2, the season is over.

And god damnit, the less said about week 3 the better.

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