Pete Mackanin caught on video giving team the finger for three straight innings

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona Diamondbacks

He’s had it.

Video surfaced this morning after a fan at the Marlins 10-2 victory over the Phillies afternoon matinee showed Phillies head coach Pete Mackanin clearly giving his own team the finger for three straight innings and two non-consecutive innings thereafter.

This comes on the same day Mr. Met was shown flipping off a fan at last night’s Mets game. Does Major League Baseball suddenly have a problem with its employees conduct?

The fan shot video showed Mackanin silently waiting at the top of the dugout steps from innings three through five, as the Marlins pounded the Phillies to take an 8-0 lead. As each member of the Phillies trudged back into the dugout, they were greeted by Mackanin flipping each of them off with his right hand, middle finger gleefully extended towards to the heavens.

There the belabored head coach stood for three innings, rarely changing up with middle finger technique. He saved a double-finger for struggling third baseman Maikel Franco, shoving both fingers in his face after Franco committed an egregious error to allow yet another Marlins run.

Mackanin calmed down for the sixth inning, but after the seventh inning completed the video showed him approaching Odubel Herrera, where it seemed that he asked the outfielder if he could “hear him ok?” When Odubel replied that he could, Mackanin said “Well, just to be safe, let me turn this up for you,” and flipped his down pointing middle finger upright and kept it in Odubel’s face until he returned to the field.

The fan video showed Mackanin wearily flipping off the team after failing to mount any sort of comeback in the top of the ninth inning before he trudged back to the visiting clubhouse.

At press time, the Phillies announced Mackanin’s contract had been extended until 2025.

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