Embarrassed Rob Ellis ejaculates before he can predict week 5 of Eagles 2017-2018 schedule

rob-ellisMoments after predicting an Eagles victory of the San Diego in week four to improve their record to 4-0 on the year, 97.5 Fanatic Midday show host Rob Ellis stiffened his hips and then groaned erotically on-air before he could begin delving into the week 5 match-up against the Arizona Cardinals.

For several minutes after, listeners were treated to Ellis’s deep, contended breathing and nothing more.

The sheepish Ellis apologized profusely for not getting deeper into the season before ejaculating all over the 97.5 Fanatic studios.

“I’m…I’m sorry. This never happens to me, I swear, this is a first time thing. The Eagles season was just announced, the draft is coming up, I don’t know, I can usually make it to at least week 14,” Ellis said.

The deflated midday host pulled his pants back on and took several moments to button his shirt before returning to the microphone.

“So….I don’t know, want to watch some TV or something?” Ellis asked co-host Harry Mayes.



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