Greg Lewis beginning to suspect he was hired by Andy Reid purely to courier food to Kansas City

Andy ReidPhiladelphia, PA – The newly hired wide receivers coach for the Kansas City Chiefs Greg Lewis shook his head as he looked at yet another text from his new boss, head coach Andy Reid, as he packed up the last of his belongings to move out to Kansas City.

Lewis showed the latest text to a Coggin Toboggan reporter, which simply read, “10 cases of Butterscotch Krimpets + three pallets of Sarcone’s hard rolls.”

“They come in just about every hour from Coach Reid. Its been nonstop since I was hired last week,” Lewis said, sighing as his cell phone vibrated in his pocket again.

“Did he hire me just so I could courier specialty foods from Philadelphia for him? We haven’t spoken about football once since I was hired.”

Lewis noted it began innocently enough after Reid called him to congratulate him on being hired and to welcome him to the organization. After their brief discussion, Lewis said Reid asked him if he could “Bring out a few cans of the cheese wiz they put on those steaks at Geno’s.”

“I didn’t think much of it, though I did think it was odd he was just asking for the cheese they put on the steaks, but I agreed to it. He’s my new boss, I wasn’t going to say no…maybe I would have if I knew what was coming next.”

After his initial agreement, Lewis said the food requests from Reid started to come in fast and furious, each one more exotic and difficult to find than the last.

“I mean, if I could even find an industrial vat of the vanilla cream Tastykake puts in its chocolate cupcakes, how would I get it out to Kansas City?”

At press time, Lewis decided to decline the job after Reid requested he also bring out a “baker’s dozen” of those roast pork shoulders from DiNics in the Reading Terminal.

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