Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer: We’re expecting Bradford to give us inside info on Philadelphia


Mike Zimmer is looking for an edge in Philadelphia.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer said he would not hesitate to go to Sam Bradford for extra information as the Vikings travel to Philadelphia for a week 7 matchup.

Bradford of course spent last season with the Eagles before being traded to Minnesota prior to the start of the 2016-2017 season.

“Why wouldn’t we ask Sam about Philly? He spent an entire year there, he knows the ins and outs of Philadelphia…he knows all the best hot spots to hit up in Old City, the best sandwich places, and he totally told us about this one place on South Street that will sell you dime bags if you tell the guy a secret code word by the poster section…that’s inside information you can’t get from watching tape,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer said Bradford could provide crucial information about Philadelphia that you can’t get from a website like Yelp or Trip Advisor.

Several Vikings have apparently already picked Bradford’s brain on the city’s best strip clubs and massage organizations that leave you feeling “very happy” on your way out.

Bradford noted he was all but pleased to help his new teammates succeed before this week’s game.

“I’ll tell them everything I can. I don’t think it’s cheating, really, I spent a year there and they got rid of me. Alls fair in football,” he said.

When asked if he would provide Zimmer and his teammates with any inside information on Philadelphia’s play call system or signals, Bradford said “that’s not really necessary. Did you seem them play their last two games?”

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