Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol pros and cons

051915_hakstol-dave_600Second year head coach Dave Hakstol is looking to improve upon a successful, inaugural season behind the Flyers bench.

But what can be expected of the second year coach? What are the pros and cons of the man who only has one year of experience?

The Coggin Toboggan is going to delve into what Dave Hakstol brings to the table and what the coach can improve upon in the 2016-2017 season.


  • Perfectly coifed hair serves not only as a tremendous fashion point, but also as backup helmet during practice.
  • Has finally stopped saying “The City of Brotherly Love” in a purely sarcastic sense when describing Philadelphia.
  • Procured his Zamboni license on his second try after perfecting the parallel park portion of the exam.
  • Finally learned to not pronounce Giroux with a hard “x.”
  • Has $55 left on a loaded ticket from last year’s season. Promised ice cream to team if they make it to the playoffs.


  • Still doesn’t exactly know what an “icing” call means.
  • Still has too much college experience in his blood. If losing, will shotgun a beer during the second and third period to try and rally the team.
  • When bored, has been known to wander away from the bench and play the organ during timeouts.
  • Hogs the air hockey table during intermission between the first and second period.
  • Leaves every overtime game early to beat the traffic home.
  • Favorite hockey movie is Slap Shot 2.

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