Nigel Bradham detained at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for machete, clown suit in luggage


Nigel has some explaining to do.

Detroit, Michigan – Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham may be looking at a hefty suspension from the franchise or the NFL, as the young athlete was again detained at an airport for having a weapon in his carry on luggage.

Bradham was stopped by security at the screening line when TSA employees found a machete, a clown suit and grease paint in the carry-on bag he had placed on the metal detector conveyor belt.

Upon further investigation, TSA employees also found a ratty multi-colored wig, several Mylar balloons, a pair of oversized white clown gloves, a cardboard sign with the message “come this way for fun!” written on in it magic marker and a silk handkerchief that “just kept on coming out of his luggage.”

“Mr. Bradham had some extremely troubling items in his luggage. The machete is highly illegal to try and bring on a plane, and the rest of his items suggest he has some emotional problems he needs to work out. Frankly, I’m not even sure what to make of this thing,” an anonymous TSA employee told Coggin employees as he held up a large, rubber red nose that when squeezed emitted a piercing shriek that sounded like that of a small child.

Bradham said he simply “forgot” about the machete in his bag and the other items were just for Halloween.

“Halloween is right around the corner. See you later, kids!” he said, laughing as police led him away in handcuffs.



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