Greg Hardy transitioning to MMA, hopes to debut against Ronda Rousey

greg hardyDallas, Texas – Former Cowboys lineman Greg Hardy, 28, who has not played in the NFL after a high-profile domestic abuse incident in 2014, recently announced he would put his NFL career on hold to transition to a new career within mixed martial arts.

Hardy, who does not have a mixed martial arts background, has already pointed out a perfect opponent for him to make his MMA debut.

Ronda Rousey.

“She’s been running her mouth for far too long about what a great fighter she is. I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather fight, to tell you the truth,” Hardy said. “I need to make some money for cocaine when I’m not playing in the NFL. Did I say cocaine? I meant bail money. Yes….that’s a moderately better response.”

The embattled lineman does not have a mixed martial arts background, but noted it would be a perfect transition for a hothead who enjoys beating up on women that he outweighs by more than a hundred pounds.

Hardy noted he would bring a pile guns into the ring to “ceremoniously” throw Rousey on top of after he beat her in his first professional match.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones announced Tuesday morning he would be fully funding Hardy’s training camp and called the young man “one of the most upstanding young athletes we’ve ever had on the Cowboys” in the franchise’s history.

When asked why he wanted to fight a woman in his first professional match, Hardy said the key to success in this life is “to do what you know.”

“What’s the big deal? She’s a fighter, I’m a fighter, I have a history of fighting women…it just makes sense,” he said.

Rousey did not make an official comment on his challenge, but noted to reporters that she would “break that pussy’s arm off” if he ever stepped into the ring with her and that she would “batter his dumb face in” throughout the fight.

MMA officials announced they would allow the mixed gendered fight to “allow America the opportunity to see Hardy get his shit pushed in by a woman on national television.”

Las Vegas sport books are already taking bets on the possible fight, and have Hardy as a 150 to 1 underdog.

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