Carson Daly selected by Philadelphia Eagl…you know what, who cares?

The Band Perry Performs On NBC's "Today"Philadelphia, PA – In a momentous twist of fate, the Philadelphia Eagles selected former MTV VJ and host of Last Call Carson Daly in a draft day snafu that…you know what? I don’t have the energy for this today.

I am so tired. So, so tired. So guess what, we’ll be taking a day off from our usually scheduled shenanigans and hilarity for some well earned beauty sleep.

It’s a shame too, because this article was going to be HILARIOUS. Think about it, the Eagles accidentally selecting CARSON DALY instead of CARSON WENTZ. They have the same first name! Can you imagine Carson Daly playing quarterback for the Eagles?!


Oh my goodness, I need to calm down. Too much jocularity for one man to handle.

We’ll be back Monday with another post that hinges on one weak piece of wordplay or horrible pun, as per usual.

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