Dave Hakstol’s wife alarmed by husband’s appearance after playoff loss


This guy is an absolute mess.

Philadelphia, PA – A day after the Philadelphia Flyers succumbed to the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs, Erinn Hakstol, wife of Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol, cited concern for her husband’s well-being after seeing his disheveled appearance at the Hakstol’s breakfast nook.

“Dave is normally so chipper in the morning, usually giving me a stoic ‘greetings’ when he sees me. Today he just dove right into his Wall Street Journal and didn’t even give me a rundown of his portfolio or make that dividends joke he has made each day for the past 13 years. I’m worried,” Erinn said.

Most worrying, however, was Hakstol’s appearance. Erinn noted Hakstol typically sups in a three piece business suit, but Monday morning Hakstol had forgone his usual silk pocket square and replaced it with a generic cotton square.

His normally spit shined wing-tipped shoes had a slight scuff on the right heel, something Erinn said she had never, ever seen before.

“I’m worried, to be honest. Look at his hair, it’s an absolute mess,” Erinn said, expressing concern over a strand of hair that had broken free from his perfectly shaped and manicured do, and was laying precariously close to nose.

At press time, Erinn said if Dave decided to not partake in his noontime sanka and white toast break she would call the suicide hotline.


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