BREAKING: Champagne argument touched off Lesean McCoy fight at Recess

LeSean McCoy

McCoy reportedly enjoys a Louis Roederer to a G.H. Mumm.

Philadelphia, PA – Reports flooding into the Coggin this morning are pointing to an argument over purchased champagne between McCoy and two off-duty officers at the nightclub Recess in South Philadelphia that started a massive brawl between the two groups, which may see charges pressed against the Buffalo Bills running back.

According to eyewitness reports, McCoy and the officers argued over the purchased champagne at the nightclub when the former Eagles running back mocked the officers for their choice of “brutish” champagne glasses they selected to enjoy their Dom Perignon.

A security video shows McCoy approach the two officers and look disdainfully at their selection.

“Man, you gots to be kidding me with this bullshit. Yo, look at these two fools, drinking a 1934 Dom Perignon out of mother fucking traditional flute glasses. What do they think this is, sparkling white wine? Dumbass pieces of shit,” McCoy reportedly said to his companion at the club. “Everyone knows they need to be drinking that jawns out of tulip shaped glasses to produce the most pleasing scents and mother fucking bubbles. God damn, these two should be drinking Brut with that shit.”

The video of the altercation shows the off-duty officer turning to face McCoy, who got into their faces and mocked the duo for deciding to consume the dry vintage champagne with their dessert course, as opposed to the traditional pairing of the vintage with their main course.

“These two couldn’t tell the difference between a Bollinger and a Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin!” McCoy reportedly yelled, before throwing the first punch at the two officers.

At press time, McCoy demanded the Philadelphia police provide him with a 1893 Louis Roederer when he surrenders himself to authorities prior to his retributory beating.

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