Tragedy strikes 97.5 FM as Mike Missanelli is trapped in show vault

mikemissanellijpg2Philadelphia, PA – Mike Missanelli, host of a popular afternoon drive show on 97.5 FM the Fanatic, is entering hour number 15 of being trapped inside his show vault.

The seasoned veteran sports talk host accidentally locked himself into his own hacky bit, where he “opens the vault” and plays pre-recorded clips of callers “going off” on various topics of the day. Missanelli was fetching the latest batch of “hilarious, off-the-wall calls” for the bit and accidentally swung the vault door behind him and has been trapped for more than 15 hours.

Jason Myrtetus, producer for the Mike Missanelli Show, said he heard Mike screaming for help behind the 15-inch thick steel vault door.

Myrtetus said he couldn’t believe what Missanelli had to endure, but it was ironic that he was suffering through his own hackneyed, annoying old routine.

“He was screaming his head off. His voice was so muffled I could hardly hear him recite his favorite Godfather lines or talk about being an Italian growing up in Philadelphia. It’s crazy what he got himself into,” Myrtetus said. “And to be trapped in such an old, unappealing routine that might have been considered edgy 20 years ago, that has to be torturous. Our listeners only have to experience it for 5 minutes a day, he’s been in there for 15 hours.”

Emergency department representatives have been on the scene at the Fanatic offices since 6 p.m. yesterday, but nobody can figure out how to break into the vault or even why such a hacky bit is still popular on sports talk airwaves.

“It has to be tough for him, to be trapped in an old sports talk comedy bit that nobody likes anymore. Could drive a man to insanity,” Philadelphia fire fighter Jim Crantz said. “We should get him out in another, oh, 5, 6 hours. To be honest everyone is a lot happier without hearing him on the radio.”

At press time, Missanelli was keeping himself entertained by trying to figure out which Sopranos episode best represented his current scenario.

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