The Coggin Toboggan has intercepted Tony Wroten’s letter to Santa Claus

011514_tony-wroten_600The Coggin Toboggan has acquired a copy of Tony Wroten’s letter to Santa Claus, which the recently cut point-guard allegedly mailed to Santa in early December.

It looks as if Jolly Old Saint Nick answered Tony’s Christmas wish.

Children around the world have taken delight in the knowledge that this letter PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that Santa Claus does exist.

The brief letter is after the jump:


The text reads as follows:

Dear Santa Claus,

Get me off this fucking team. For the love of God, please, that’s all I want for Christmas.

That and maybe a PhunkeeDuck.

Help a guy out.


Tony “the past tense of written is” Wroten

I don’t think anyone knew that was Tony’s preferred nickname. Who knew? We also really hope he got that PhunkeeDuck.

Nobody tell him that is grammatically incorrect, it may kill him.

God speed Tony, we loved you on the 76ers (we really did).


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