Kobe Bryant: Philadelphia has great fans, women who can keep secrets

vkyxu4eql8175ugmyjgyPhiladelphia, PA – Kobe Bryant, a sure first-ballot hall of famer, met with the media before playing his final game in Philadelphia after announcing he would retire at the end of the season.

The oft-vilified Bryant was all smiles as he described how much he would miss the city, its fans, and its tight-lipped women.

 “I’ll always love Philadelphia. Maybe the fans and I haven’t always met eye to eye, but I know they respect me and I respect them, they’re some of the best in basketball,” Bryant said. “And boy, the ladies of this city are discrete. They know how to keep a secret, I’ve always appreciated that when I’ve played in the City of Brotherly love.”

Bryant flashed his trademark grin and then winked at a female reporter sitting in the front row of the conference.

Unlike certain West Coast cities, Bryant said he was never afraid to be himself when visiting his hometown.

“The women of Philadelphia understand that money talks and can definitely make most problems go away.  Sometimes a guy just needs to let loose, am I right?” he said.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Bryant gave several of the women in the meeting his beeper number and a key to his hotel room.

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