76ers convinced baskets are not official height

76ers logoPhiladelphia, PA – Several sources have cited that a number of 76ers are questioning the official height of the baskets at the Wells Fargo Center.

When questioned, several on the roster went on record and have claimed the rims are “much higher than 10-feet tall.”

“Look, all I’m saying is that I can touch rim on my uncle’s backyard hoop, and I can’t at the Wells Fargo Center. They have to be higher than 10-feet tall,” said rookie point guard TJ McConnell. “I know his hoop is 10-feet, he told me so. He installed it himself.”

“I even dunked on his hoop one time. I swear to God I did, and there’s no way I can here,” the exasperated rookie said. “It was one of those awesome reverse dunks too. My cousin Johnny saw me.”

Forward Robert Covington backed up McConnell’s claim and said the rims at the WFC at “way too high.”

Covington is shooting a team worst 29% this season from the floor.

“Oh it’s definitely the rims. Definitely. Probably why we haven’t won a game yet this season,” Covington said. “Plus, when we play away games, I can totally do this super sweet between the legs layup that I just cannot do here. It’s impossible.”

When reporters said they had never seen Covington’s special layup, he said he did it “a few times” when playing “up in Montreal.”


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