Lane Johnson cements Donnie Jones’ status as only likable member on Eagles roster

112013-donnie-jones-600Philadelphia, PA – Lane Johnson’s recent comments about Lincoln Financial Field not offering a home field advantage because of apathetic fans has cemented punter Donnie Jones as the most likable member of the 2015-2016 roster.

It’s rare for a punter to hold the prestigious ranking on any football team, but with such an unlikable cast of rogues on the roster this year Jones found himself on top of the heap Tuesday afternoon.

“Hey this is great. Just goes to show you that if you keep your mouth shut, play hard, and don’t say anything stupid you will be loved in this town,” Jones said after members of the media told him of his new designation.

Johnson plummeted into the vast abyss of unlikable Philadelphia Eagles athletes this year with his comments on the fans negative attitude towards the team as of late.

Johnson took the ever popular, “fans should cheer this team blindly no matter what, and it’s their fault for the team losing, not us,” approach that so many Philadelphia athletes before him have taken.

It has not worked out well for any of them.

Jones’ rise in likability is only rivaled by Evan Mathis’ meteoric rise to likability for the 2011 Eagles.


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